Ignite is an experience that provides inspiration, skills, and connections to help shape a meaningful, purpose-driven career. It is ideal for pre- to early-career participants, college age and up.

Inspiration.  At Matter, we’ve been fortunate to meet and connect with many, many amazing people who are as hardworking and intelligent as they are inspiring. The world you live in ten, fifteen, twenty years from now will be the product of their vision, innovation, and hard work. We bring them to Ignite to interact with you, introduce you to new perspectives, amazing stories of success (and failure), and lessons learned as they became the incredible people they are today.

Some of our former featured guests:

Daniel Epstein   Founder & CEO, Unreasonable Group

Nathaniel Koloc   former CEO, ReWork; current Director of Talent Acquisition & Development at Hillary for America

Cesar Gonzalez   CEO, Starting Bloc

Betty Kay Kendrick   Co-founder, In Pursuit of Magic

Joshua Onysko   Founder & President, Pangea Organics

Bo Parfet   Entrepreneur, Explorer

Steven Olikara   Co-founder & President, Millennial Action Project

Jordan Eisenberg   Founder & former CEO, UrgentRX

Markey Culver   Founder & President, The Women’s Bakery

Andrew Goodin   Co-founder & Chief Inquiry Officer, The Disruption Department

Rosa Mayer   VP of Company Engagement, Launchcode

Tynan Szvetecz   Founder & CEO, Commerce Kitchen

Skills.  Ignite helps you identify and reflect on where you are, where you’ve been, and where you want to go next in life and career. In addition, you’ll learn skills to bring your plans to fruition. In the past, attendees have learned about rapid prototyping and storytelling as tools to support their next steps.

Connection.  Ignite is designed to help you connect in a variety of ways with attendees, presenters, and featured entrepreneurs and change agents. Over the course of the event, you’ll become immersed in a community that will support you as you embark on your next steps.